Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Storage tips for keen bakers

I have been having a little unexpected time off from blogging over the last few weeks due to a lot of things changing in my life, including a big move from Leeds to Manchester which I am really excited about. This post is a post written and sponsored by Big Yellow Self Storage and I thought it was the perfect time to share it as with my own move I am working on finding the best storage solutions and new homeware (expect lots of homeware updates soon). 

Baking is brilliant on all kinds of levels, not least because it fills the house with the most amazing aromas and then you get the joy of eating home baked cakes and cookies or bread.

But it can take up loads of space on work surfaces and in cupboards.

We’ve got some excellent tips if you love baking but it’s taking over the entire kitchen – or even if you’re struggling to keep track of small things like sprinkles and chocolate chips.

Check Your Inventory

Knowing what you’ve got is the first step in getting your kitchen cupboards organised. You can spend hours arranging baking sheets and cake tins in the cupboard, then realise it all needs doing again because you forgot the oversized, specialised tins you need for fancy celebration cakes.

So, make a list of all your baking supplies, in fact make a couple of lists.

  • One for tools and equipment. Include it all, from measuring spoons to stand mixers.

  • One for the ingredients you use most and keep a stock of, because those things need storing too.

Once you have a comprehensive list of every baking item you own, you’ll already feel more in control.

Next, decide which pieces of equipment you don’t use all that often. This is important because it helps you decide where you’ll store stuff. 

Keep the things you use every day close by. Rarely used items don’t necessarily need to be in the kitchen all the time. If your kitchen space is small, it makes even more sense to be a bit stricter about where you keep stuff.

If you have several items or a few boxes full of baking stuff you don’t use much, consider a self storage room for it all. Maybe you don’t need a whole room – although by adding a few shelving units you can make a neat and organised storage area – in which case you could investigate renting a storage locker.

Since storage facilities are in most towns and are easy to get to, it’s a simple job to pop over and retrieve the tools you need for a special baking project.

Organisation in the Kitchen

Piles of baking equipment in cupboards can be frustrating when you’re looking for a particular tin, and even more so if you use spring sided tins and can’t find the base!

You’ve got your inventory and know what you’ll store and where, so here are some practical tips to get everything corralled:

  • Keep cake decorations like sprinkles in spice rack bottles, in the rack. They make a pretty display and stay fresh for ages.

  • Use oversized jars to store cup cake cases, or a cookie jar with a wide opening to hold cookie cutters.

  • Store baking sheets and cooling racks vertically on their edges rather than piling them up flat. Handy tools to hold them include a dish drainer (normally on the sink draining board) a letter rack or a magazine holder.

  • Decant flour from the bag to a large jar or airtight container. They stack better and keep fresh longer.

  • Keep a roll of masking tape and a marker pen in the kitchen drawer. Tear off a strip to quickly label boxes, jars or tubs so you don’t forget what’s inside and its use-by date.

  • Install a peg board inside a cupboard door or just on the wall. Use it to hang measuring spoons, spatulas, or other hangable small utensils.

Owning and arranging the tools and equipment for a hobby is often as pleasing as actually doing the activity. Whether you just have a small collection and keep everything at home, or your range of equipment is larger and you take advantage of self storage to keep things in good condition, you’ll enjoy baking even more when you can just go in the kitchen and get right down to it.

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