Sunday, 2 August 2020

Home updates Summer 2020

During lockdown I have been updating my bedroom and ordering quite a few interior bits online as I have been spending so much time at home. I thought I would share some of my favourite new bits and hopefully inspire you with any interior decorating you are doing at the moment! 

I have recently posted a 10 step minimalism challenge to de-clutter your space so check that out if you are having a clear out, and I have also done a post on creating a capsule wardrobe if you need any more tips. 

Make up storage and dressing table 

I uploaded a post about my make up storage when I finally got a new dressing table, and that area of my bedroom is now complete! I love the natural pine wood furniture because I am obsessed with the Scandinavian interior style. More information about my dressing table can be found in that post, but the dressing table was from 

To go with the dressing table I did have a white canvas chair but I felt that this was quite bulky and took up a lot of space so I bought this cute little stool from The Range. I love the faux fur seat and the pine legs fit perfectly with the dressing table. It is a little small in comparison to the chair but I think it really works and I love that it doesn't take up any space in the room. I couldn't find the exact one online but I thought this one was pretty similar and also very low budget! 

I love the circle mirror aesthetic and I think it really adds to the minimal vibe being on the wall and not connected to the dressing table. I picked this mirror from Habitat because I liked the wooden frame (all the other ones I was looking at had black or white frames). And I managed to get this during a sale and I got it for £90 so definitely check up on the website for regular sales.

Whilst looking for a link for the mirror I came across this dressing table set up. It's pretty pricey but I really love the style and I think it has great storage if you are a bit of a make up hoarder just like me!

Home accessories

I have a chest of drawers and I have been struggling to style this area. A lovely family friend has an etsy shop and I have followed her for a while thinking she has great prints and she recently came out with a new set of designs which I just love. The colour scheme is exactly what I was going for in my bedroom and the designs are so simple and beautiful. I picked up one print but as soon as I ordered it I decided I wanted another one to go up next to it on the wall! 

I love keeping my wax burner on my set of drawers as I think this is the best spot to fill the whole room with the lovely scents. I recently ordered some wax melts from a lovely etsy store The little melt company. There number of options is endless and I chose some lavender scented wax melts as I love lavender to help me relax in the evenings. What I like about these wax melts is that they come in a bar and you can add one or two squares to your wax burner depending on what you want. 

Have you done any home renovations during the lockdown period? Whats been the most exciting change you've made?

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  1. Your room is so pretty. I love that cute little seat.

    1. Thanks so much it was such a random find but I love it!

  2. I love the dressing table! It all looks so cute!

    Amber - The Unpredicted Page

  3. Love your make up dressing table and the chair is so cute! I wish I had room for a dedicated table like this :) x

    1. Thanks Jenny! I think its an important part of my bedroom having a specific place to get ready and do make up, hopefully I will when I move out too!

  4. Thanks for sharing, like your room with the dressing table :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  5. So lovely! I'm falling in love with your make up dressing table! That's always been my dream to have one :)