Wednesday, 19 August 2020

GUEST POST: Sustainable swaps to make this week

I loved having a guest post on my blog and so I have decided to make it a monthly occasion! If you are interested in guest writing on my blog head over to my "work with me page" or send me an email! Em is a UK blogger focusing on blogging, business & sustainability on her blog "Love, Em". With 4 years of experience in the blogging world, she is keen to share her knowledge. Emily is passionate about helping others, and since leaving college, has decided to put her passions in writing. You can find her over on social media!

Sustainability is a topic that I talk about a lot on my blog. It is the solution to the growing issue of climate change. Little changes are needed so that our futures can be more secure. I thought I would share some of my favourite sustainable swaps so that you can change your lifestyle and help the plant. These swaps are easy to implement, but make a massive difference to the world. Here are some swaps you can try and make this week!


Educate Yourself


Before deciding to make a change, you need to educate yourself. You may want to start a sustainable lifestyle, but if you're still buying from ASOS & H&M, you're already making mistakes. It's okay to slip up and make mistakes, but educating yourself makes the transition easier. There are lots of documentaries and books you can learn from. It's important to know where your things come from, how they're made and what they're made from. Small businesses tend to be more transparent on how their products are produced. 


Swap Your Water Bottle To A Reusable One


Did you know only 1 in 5 plastic water bottles is actually recycled? Swapping your bottle to a reusable steel bottle will make a big difference to the environment and your bank account! These bottles last a lifetime, so you will only need to make one purchase. There are so many issues with plastic water bottles which you can read about here. With so many styles, colours and customisable features, there is no reason why you shouldn't swap to a reusable alternative!


Change Your Toothbrush!


Plastic toothbrushes can't be recycled. Instead, they break up over time, and the particles can end up in our food chain. Swapping to a bamboo toothbrush is really important to have a more sustainable lifestyle. There are a few different styles you can choose from, but swapping your brush can keep up to 18 million kilos of waste out of the landfill! While you're swapping your toothbrush, why not change your toothpaste, floss and gum? 


Use A Reusable Shopping Bag For Your Weekly Shop


It's easy to forget a bag when you go shopping. It means that you pick up the 5p carrier bags and think nothing of it. Always carry a reusable bag with you. Keep some in the car, have foldable ones in your coat pocket or keep them by the door. It's not a big change, but it saves a lot of plastic. There are lots of cute tote bags that you can buy, so you can customise it to your own tastes and preferences. You get bonus points if you buy a sustainably sources bag!


Use Sustainable Sanitary Products


Sanitary items typically aren't reusable, and they have a lot of plastic packaging too. One swap you can make is by changing your sanitary items to reusable or sustainable ones. Grace & Green make biodegradable products which are also plastic-free while moon cup makes reusable items for your period. You need to find what product works best for you and your body. There are other options like washable pads, sea sponge tampons and period underwear that you can try out! 


Cut Out Fast Fashion 


If you're looking to make a positive change for the environment and for people, cut out fast fashion! There are so many sustainable clothing brands that you could opt for. It may be cheaper to buy from a fast-fashion retailer, but there are so many problems with it. Not only are the works poorly paid, but the environment gets damaged too. I wrote a whole post about why you should have a sustainable wardrobe because we need to make a change. If you stop buying from retailers, they will be forced into making changes to their production. Plus, the clothing you buy sustainably tends to be comfier and long-lasting!


Don't think the list stops there! These are just a few of many changes you can make. We must make changes to our lifestyle to save the planet. Just the smallest of changes can make a massive difference. Just because Plastic Free July is over, doesn't mean we should go back on the progress we've been making. What are you doing to change your lifestyle? Let me know what changes you're going to try this week!


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  1. Great tips. I switched to a resusable water bottle and taking a shopping back out with me a long time ago but there's still lots I need to do!

    1. They are some really great switches that hopefully more people will so! I'm sure we can all do some extra things to help protect the earth!

  2. Fantastic tips! I'm happy to say I've not bought any plastic bottles in a really really long time!

    🌿 Marissa Belle × 🌿

    1. Thats so great its something that can be hard when you really want a fizzy drink but thats a really great change! x