Sunday, 23 August 2020

Easy eco-friendly beauty swaps

I have been talking a lot about making sustainable lifestyle changes and I also had a fab guest post about sustainable swaps this week so we are sticking with that theme this week! I thought I would share a few easy changes I have made within my beauty routine which reduce plastic waste and are just generally better for the environment. 

Switch brow gels in plastic tubes for soap brows. 

My eyebrows are very unruly and if I can switch up a typical brow gel for something new then anyone can. Soap brows was a trend I think a few years ago and it had kind of stuck around and becomes more popular every now and then. If you don't want to purchase the actual product there are many ways you can do it with a basic hard soap (make sure its a clear soap). I just love that the original soap brows comes in a tin and you get a spray with it which makes it super handy to use. Check out my review here. 

Also - mascara tubes and brow gels are basically impossible to recycle. So why not switch up the packaging of mascara too. Once I have finished using my current mascaras I am going to try the lush mascara which you can return to a lush shop for them to recycle when it's used up. 

Hair care swaps

I am personally not a fan of shampoo bars, but if you don't want to go for completely packaging free products, why not pick a brand that has a refill scheme like Faith in Nature. I have recently done a review of these products and I am utterly obsessed with them. 

I also like to use coconut oil on my hair the night before I wash it like a hair mask, but rather than buying small containers I like to buy a larger tub from Holland & Barret or superdrug which I know will last me a long time and is usually much cheaper. 

Natural deodorants

I have been testing out Salt of the Earth deodorants and I am actually quite impressed. I like that it is a spray bottle (which can be refilled), but I do want to try a natural stick deodorant to see if they are more effective. 

Toothpaste tabs and brushes

Rather than using a plastic toothbrush, switch up to a bamboo toothbrush. I have one for when I travel or if I stay at a friends house. I also found out you can buy bamboo electric toothbrush heads which I think is amazing! 

When it comes to shaving

Rather than using plastic razors I started epilating. This is kinda like waxing but its a little machine and much less messy than all the wax. I think epilating is known for being super painful but its really not that bad, especially after the first time. I also don't want to pay for waxing and have to go and have someone else do it for me, which is why I chose to use an epilator. 

There are also a huge range of eco-friendly razor companies now which have reusable razors where you just change the head. All these options are really great and much more efficient when they can be sent to your door which a subscription. 

Re-usable cotton pads and muslin clothes

If you still use make up wipes in 2020 who even are you. Theres so many different types of re-usable cotton pads and cloths which are for removing make up, you can even get some which don't need any product to take all your make up off. All of these methods are better for your skin and better for the environment than make up wipes. 

Have you made any of these swaps? Or is there something you think I'm missing and really need to try? Let me know if there is because we are all learning and trying to be better! I also have a post about re-using and re-purposing old beauty empties so they don't just end up in landfill. I think this is great because we all have products we love which might not be sustainable, but we can use the packaging in a sustainable way to make it last longer! 

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  1. I think it's so important to start using more eco friendly beauty products and tools, it's scary how much waste is created by plastic (which most can't be recycled easily). I've been using muslin clothes and reusable cotton pads for years and love them. I'm trying to be more conscious of what I buy and use x

    1. Yeah there are more and more great eco-friendy products at the moment and I love trying them out! Thats really great you don't use things like face wipes, I havent used them for a long time either! I hope more brands bring out things like re-fill packs soon because that would make such a difference! x

  2. This is really helpful. I have a reusable makeup wipe already and bamboo toothbrushes but need to commit to other changes too. I definitely will now after reading this post :) x

    1. That sounds like you have already started making changes which is great! I'm so happy to have inspired you! x

  3. I love using coconut oil on my hair. I bought a huge tub quite a while ago and it's really lasting. I have a razor subscription via Friction Free Shaving and it seems like a good alternative. Next on my list is to buy some reusable cotton pads.

    1. It's so great and I think it works better than most masks aha! Thats really great I have seen so many new subscription services for razors they must be really popular! And yeah definitely, its great because you only have to buy them once and they last forever! x

    2. Really great swaps! I’ve been converted to reusable cotton pads and I love them! So easy to use and wash :)

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  5. I have recently switched my razor to a more eco friendly one! Thanks for sharing!

    Amber - The Unpredicted Page

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    1. Thank you so much, it's great to hear that you come back to read more! That looks like a great site to buy eco-friendly products! Thanks for sharing!

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