Sunday, 14 June 2020


I started trying to create a capsule wardrobe about 2 years ago and blogged about it here. I love the minimalist style and ease of being able to quickly select items from your wardrobe that all work together to create nice looks effortlessly.

I have definitely reduced the amount of clothing I own over the last 2 years and I am much better at decluttering and getting rid of items I don't wear. After reading "How to break up with fast fashion" and the current lockdown, I  have put myself on a spending ban for the last month and I am planning to continue this until the end of June. 

During the lockdown I have been wearing either lounge wear or gym gear and the rest of my wardrobe has been pretty much left alone. I feel like we haven't really been able to wear any good Summer clothes which means there hasn't been any major changes with my Summer wardrobe since last year. 

Although I haven't got a minimal capsule wardrobe, I am getting there slowly and thought I would share some tips that have really helped me:

#1 - keep a wishlist on your notes page

We literally always have our phones on us, so if I ever see something or find something that I want, I write it down on the notes page on my phone. I have a list for each season going back to like 2018, of things I feel I am missing in my wardrobe. The list ends up only being around 5 items for each season, because a lot of the time the things are trend related and I change my mind or forget about them pretty quickly!

Anything that does make the list I can either buy at the time, or maybe get at the end of the season when lots of products are on sale. I can also look back on the year before and see what I feel is still missing or that I need, and it helps me buy items that I will genuinely get use out of when the season comes around a year later. 

#2 - keep your wardrobe organised

I'm definitely guilty of having a floordrobe,  but I am trying my best!

Keeping everything tidy and neat keeps your clothes in better condition which means they are likely to last longer, and look newer for longer too! Also having everything neatly organised where you can see it means you are more likely to vary what you reach for more regularly so you're getting use out of everything in there. 

I have read that really, we all wash our clothes more often than we need to, so I am tying to reduce excessive washing of my clothes when they may not need to be washed, but once I have worn something  I don't really want to put it away with all my clean clothes. So in this case I try and hang my clothes up so they can air out a little and are easy to throw on again. I also thing you can get a clothes spray to freshen up worn clothing in between washes - kind of like dry shampoo for your clothes?

#3 - put out of season clothes in storage

My wardrobe couldn't physically hold all the clothes that I own, so I have put away all my winter clothing in sealed boxes to keep them safe until they're needed. This is a great way to store clothes that you aren't going to wear (like coats, jumpers, polo-necks and tights) and it's also great because when it comes to switching seasons its like having a whole new wardrobe of clothes you forgot you owned. 

#4 - one-in-one-out policy

This is a really great tip after you have done an initial big cleanse to maintain a minimal capsule wardrobe and has helped me keep the spending down to a minimum. It works best for items like dresses or coats, you swap out a similar product when you buy something new. 

It stops you buying something new unless you are unwilling to get rid of something you already own. And by 'get rid of' I mean donate to charity/sell/gift to a friend. 

#5 - unsubscribe from mailing lists

This is a great tip anyway just to de-clutter your inbox. This is a tip I read in the fast fashion book and it is one of the best books I have read in a long time, its funny but also really informative, and makes you realise what you could be doing better without the feelings of guilt attached to not doing enough. Link for the book here!

It has some really great tips on reducing online shopping - like unsubscribing from the mailing lists of fashion brands. 

If I want to buy something I will go online and look for it. Most of the time the deals and offers sent in emails are on the website to use anyway. The emails are just encouraging you to buy things because they are on offer, not because you actually need or want them. 

You could go even further and unfollow the social media accounts too. If you want fashion inspo you can still go and look at the accounts and have a scroll. I was worried I would miss the posts and would be missing out on all the clothes that could be mine, but I haven't missed those accounts at all! And it has definitely reduced the number of times I've been distracted by an ad and ended up scrolling on ASOS when I was meant to be doing something else. 

#6 - set a fashion budget

Set a budget of how much money you are willing to spend on fashion a month. I can spend so much money online shopping without realising, but if you set a limit then you will only buy things that you are sure you really want and will wear. 



  1. I've currently been keeping a wishlist on my phone of the gaps in my wardrobe, so that I only buy those certain things - it works really well because then eventually I buy exactly what I wanted instead of something random! Definitely going to use your other tips too, I need to go through my emails and unsubscribe to quite a few mailing lists! x

    Erin / Everything Erin

  2. Yeah I rarely go shopping unless I have an idea in my mind of what I want to buy, otherwise I will go and buy loads of random things I don't actually need! Thanks for taking the time to comment I'm happy it was helpful!

  3. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, so thank you for the tips! I need to make the wishlist on my phone, as I can imagine that its so handy to see it written down in one place and keeps you on track xx

    Hannah |

  4. I have wanted to do this, some youtubers have shared theirs. Thanks for sharing great tips

  5. I'm not someone who has had a floordrobe but I do love giving away clothes that are still good that I hardly wear 😊

    🌿 Marissa Belle × 🌿

  6. I would love to adopt a minimal wardrobe as I have far too many clothes. I'm trying to shop a lot less and have decluttered lots of old things to give to charity. These are some great tips!

    Tash -

    1. Thanks for reading! It's definitely been a slow process for me but I am slowly getting there!

  7. Capsule wardrobes scare me a bit. I have so many clothes I wouldn't even know where to start. I've been the same size pretty much all my life so I've had some stuff 10+ years and my style has always been quite monochrome so other than the odd trend piece, most of it matches anyway. I keep my wardrobe very organised (colour coded by garment type) and try to have clear outs at least twice a year to see what I don't need any more but I don't think I could ever go full capsule x


    1. I totally understand that! And my wardrobe is definitely bigger than a typical capsule wardrobe, but I like how I am slowly streamlining it over time, its definitely been a long process - not something to achieve over night!

  8. Love this idea, I'm trying to live mores sustainably so think a capsule wardrobe will really help.


    1. Thanks for reading! I totally agree its all the small things we can do to help the planet a little bit at a time!

  9. Love your tips! I'm a minimalist so I have a capsule wardrobe. It makes getting ready so much easier! I think most people would benefit from paring down the amount of clothing they own :)

  10. Love the idea of a one-in-one-out policy, I'm definitely gonna try that!

    Anika |

  11. I love that Jack Wills top! I don't have a capsule wardrobe because I don't have enough clothes, really. I broke up with fast fashion at the start of the year and I'm NEVER looking back! We just don't need all those clothes! The one in one out tip is always really helpful!


  12. Thanks their tshirts are such great quality! And I love hearing about other people discovering the fast fashion industry and making sustainable changes its so great to see!

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