Saturday, 16 May 2020


This months box was the 'wild thing' edit. This is something I haven't seen since I have been a subscriber so it was nice to see something a little different, especially as we are all stuck at home, it's nice to have a little bit of adventure in a different aspect of our lives.

There were 2 boxes which is quite common, I had the zebra print box which was so well created, with silver metallic stripes, its definitely a box I will be keeping for storage! The other was a leopard print box which I'm sure is very popular too. 


I think there have been a few Steve Laurant products in boxes and maybe the advent calendar but there hasn't been anything that has really interested me from this brand before.

Firstly, the packaging of this eyeshadow really impressed me. Matching the box made it super cute and really tie the theme together, and the packaging inside is lovely and sleek too!

These colours are such a beautiful combination. I opened the box and even my mum was interested in this! There is quite a few shimmers but the matte shadows are really pigmented, I love the pale orange colour at the top in the middle, its a great warm crease colour and the brown tones are super pigmented as well.

I wasn't sure about the shimmers at first using a brush, but when using your fingers they are really pigmented and leave an amazing glow on the lids. Theres a nice range of shimmers in here as well so you can do quite a few different looks.

EOS LIP BALM (£6.50)

You can never have too many lip balms! I've decided not to open this as I have a few different ones that I'm using at the moment so I am going to save this for the winter. It's a minty scent which I think sounds great when I need a new lip balm. 


Although I prefer a mask you apply, I do enjoy a sheet mask for an instant boost when I need it. These masks are really great and I love the pattern (even though they make them scarier for people you live with). 


I was really pleased to see a hair product like this, rather than a hair mask sachet which is single use. I am currently using up a few different hair products so this was super handy to add in with the products I'm using now. 

During lockdown I haven't been washing my hair too often (I try not too anyway) so I feel like it needs an extra good scrub at my scalp when I do shampoo. This is a shampoo/treatment/hair mask so theres a lot going on, I used it as a shampoo and I do feel like my hair looked really nice after! 

It doesn't lather up a lot so I think I used quite a bit to scrub all my hair, but it worked really nicely and I will defo be using again!


This is one of those products that I probably won't use a lot, and I am really glad I got a sliver pencil rather than a coloured one. I was however really impressed with the pigmentation of this pencil! I think it would look great used as a liner or all over the lid for an amazing silver eyeshadow look. The pencil was really soft and creamy so I think it would be really easy to blend in all over the lid.

I definitely enjoyed receiving this box, it's been the best one in a few months, I really love when they do a more interesting edit and design different boxes!


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