Wednesday, 20 May 2020


I talked about this bronzer in my May beauty wishlist, I have wanted this bronzer for a really long time but its hefty price tag (£42) has always put me off. I have a friend who raves about it and after being shown the different ways you can use it I finally decided to get it for myself. 

One thing I can say for sure is that this will last me a long time. You get a pretty big pot and the product is a lot firmer than I was expecting, so you only get a tiny bit on your brush which goes a long way. 

The thing that sold me this bronzer was that you can pretty much use it all over your face as a light-weight base that adds a little bronze and warmth to the skin without heavy coverage, as well as using it to define and contour as well. I hate wearing foundation in Summer, and at work I like to wear just a light coverage with a little bit of concealer so this is going to be the perfect product for looking (and feeling) like you've got nothing on!

I love using cream products but generally find I need to powder after. However with this bronzer I didn't feel like the product would move around my face or that I needed any powder at all. This is great when I want a light layer of make up that I can achieve really quickly. 

When doing this make up look I used a fluffy foundation brush to buff the bronzer over my cheeks, across my forehead and over my nose. I then took a more defined contour brush to add definition under my cheek bones and around my jawline. Other products I used were the make up revolution concealer under my eyes and charlotte tilbury glow stick on my cheek bones. I did my brows using the WBCo soap brows and used the ABH modern renaissance palette on my eyes.

My only issue with this bronzer is that it only comes in one shade. While it works well for me in the Summer time, anyone with lighter or darker skin is not going to get good use from this product.  

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