Saturday, 9 May 2020


I might have stopped ordering clothes online but I have definitely been scrolling through feelunique and beautybay trying to fulfil my lack of shopping needs. 

I have however been trying to be more 'beauty conscious' about products, beauty bay have a whole section for this which is great for getting some eco alternatives to your own products. I already have some re-useable cotton pads for taking of my make up, but I have heard some really amazing things about the face halo pads - they work really well to remove your make up and are so easy to wash by just throwing them in the washing machine. 

I am just waiting for this to come back in stock and then I will probably do an order for feel unique. I wanted this bronzer for a while and I think its finally time I invested in a nice cream bronzer for the Summer. I think it will be great because I don't tend to wear foundation every day but I like to put a bit of concealer and bronzer on to make me look human, and I think a cream bronzer will look really natural for when I decide to do this.

This is actually something I caved and bought already, I was lucky because it went out of stock basically as soon as I bought it. This serum is like a skin peel. I wanted to try is because I have some scarring and dark spots from when my acne was pretty bad ,and this is supposed to smooth the skin and get rid the the marks left behind. I have only used it once but I do think it makes a difference to my skin. You are only supposed to use it once a week and my skin is quite sensitive, but I will definitley check in in a months time to see whether I think it's really working. 

I would also really like to try The ordinary foundation - I am just waiting for other products to come back into stock to make an order but I have heard a lot of good things about it.

For maybe 2 or 3 years I have been using the body shop SPF - but last time I tried to get it they were completely out of stock in shops and online. Now its getting sunny again and I have been spending a lot of time in the garden, I am definitely going to be buying one (or a few) of these. Its a great SPF (factor 50 which I like to protect my freckles and sensitive skin) and it doesn't make your skin feel oily or greasy when you're wearing it. It works well under make up and it doesn't make my skin more spotty, which I feel like some SPF creams do. 

Juno & Co
In isolation I have actually cleaned my make up brushes which is something that doesn't get done super often. I use a solid soap (usually from lush) to clean my make up brushes, and I find a solid product to clean your brushes works really well! This solid brush cleanser comes in a little tin which makes it so handy to use by just swirling your brushing around in the product and washing with warm water. You can also reuse the tin after with other soaps!

WBCo Soap Brows
Another more sustainable product is the soap brows kit. I have pretty heavy eyebrows and I go through brow gels super quickly, so I would love to see if this works to keep my brows in place all day. I think it might be a bit fiddly to do at first but its something I would like to try - you also need a face mist to work the product which isn't included on beauty bay but I think you can get sets on the West Barn Co website. 


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