Wednesday, 18 March 2020


More of a round up of my favourite beauty products from the start of this year. I haven't been wearing a lot of make up in the last few months as my skin hasn't been great, but as its been clearing up I have been getting back into my make up and beauty products.


This is the only base I've been loving, as I said my skin has been breaking out a lot, and so any products I put on look patchy and rubbish on top of my skin, but this tinted moisturiser adds a little bit of coverage but just makes your skin look glowy and much more even.


I'm still loving this palette even after having it for such a long time. The mattes are my favourite thing for a day time look and the metallics in this palette are amazing too.

I also have the soft glam palette, but I just love the warm tones in this palette on my blue eyes and the quality of ABH eyeshadows is my all time favourite.

I'm working really hard to use this palette up which I have been doing a lot over the last few months. There is a lot of kickback on the shadows which makes it look very messy too, which doesn't go well with the velvet packaging after a lot of use. But I do get so much use out of this palette so I really don't mind.


I got this pencil in my glossy box advent calendar. I'm not very loyal when it comes to brow pencils, but the benefit pencil has been my favourite over recent months. This Winkyluxe pencil is a one-shade fits all, where you can apply more pressure to get a darker shade. I really like that you can build up the colour tone to get the right shade and a really natural looking brow.


I have sooooo many lip products that finding something new that I like is pretty unusual. My mum surprised me and got me a gift set from Charlotte Tilbury including the pillow talk lip liner and a couple of lipsticks too!

The pillow talk liner definitley lives up to the hype around the whole product range, its the perfect colour and consistency and I find myself using it regardless of what lipstick I'm wearing.
The lipstick I love within the gift set is called blushing dream. Its a perfect pinky-nude colour and its great for in the daytime and for evening looks.  I love the combination because it looks very natural on me, which is exactly what I want in a lipstick.


Since we are all moving into a time where we are going to be spending a lot of time at home, one thing I have always loved is baths. And Lush bath products are just unparalleled. It is rare that I have any bath bombs to spare, but this one is just too cute to use so I'm saving it until I don't have anything else to use up!

Baths are my favourite way to relax and having a bath bomb or bubble bar just makes it extra special and generally means I stay in the bath longer to really relax. Lush products are also very affordable and great for the environment as they are a very caring brand!


I am planning to do a separate blog post about skincare, because my skin has been changing a lot recently. But I decided to strip back my skincare routine and use very basic products that I know are not going to affect my skin. Cetaphil is a great brand for anyone with problematic skin and I always return to it when my skin is playing up.

The cleanser is very runny which I thought was quite odd at first, but its really great for taking off all your makeup and doesn't leave the skin feeling dry after. I like it because you can also use it in the mornings too, and I like to use it after I have been to the gym to make sure I have got rid of any sweat or dirt from working out so I know my skin is nice and clean.


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