Wednesday, 26 February 2020


I have loved Liz Earle as a brand for a really long time, and I have always raved about the cleanse and polish cleanser as my favourite product from the brand. I am lucky enough to live in Leeds, where Liz Earle have a big flagship store with a spa area too!

I was given a 'speedy 30 minute facial' as a gift when I finished my exams which was such a lovely experience that I wanted to share online.

The spa itself is situated above the shop in the centre of Leeds, and going upstairs you immediately feel a sense of peace, with some calming quotes and a suggestion to switch your phone off and relax. 

The waiting area is lovely and relaxing, with calming music and cucumber water, whilst the beauty therapist asked me about my skin and what I wanted to achieve with the treatment. 

The treatment itself included a deep cleanse, an intense face massage and then a mask treatment where she also used a foreo face massager to really massage the product into my skin. 

After the treatment the beauty therapist explained to me all of the products she was using and why, which was really helpful in ensuring I have a good skincare routine to help improve my skin as much as possible. 

Some of the products I really liked were the Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer, which she explained was a great toner as its very light and can just be sprayed directly onto the skin to refresh and brighten after cleansing.

I also would love to purchase the facial oil (Superskin Concentrate) from Liz Earle, which smells lovely and feels super hydrating on my skin. Oils are something I can be quite scared about using but she explained when and how to use them and answered lots of my questions about the best skincare routine! And she even explained which oils are great if I didn't want to purchase the Liz Earle products which was really helpful!

The whole spa was beautiful and relaxing with lots of products spread out, I even had a smell of all their fragrances in the bathroom which is something I didn't even realise that Liz Earle sold. 

I would definitely recommend all the products and the treatments at Liz Earle, and I am thinking about booking to have a massage there because the experience was just so lovely and relaxing. 


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