Wednesday, 1 May 2019


So I don't want to provide a bunch of excuses to why my blog has been pretty much abandoned since the start of 2019 until this month, but I've basically just found myself without any extra time alongside working and taking care of myself. So apologies for the silence, but I've recently been re-inspired by my make up and I thought I would end the month by sharing the beauty bits I've been loving over the last few months.


This powder has completely changed how I see powders and the finish of my make up on a daily basis. Even other high end powders don't compare to the quality of the hourglass powders - I have recently been trying the bare minerals powder duo which is super finely milled but it just doesn't quite match up to the hourglass powder!

Unfortunately for my bank account I will definitely repurchase this powder when I need to, I don't think I will be able to find anything in the drugstore that remotely matches this one (if you have any recommendations please do let me know).

I reach for this literally every time I put make up on, and I definitely now understand the hype around the hourglass powders!


I have talked before about the ABH palettes being amazing, and my love for them hasn't changed! The soft glam palette is pretty new for me, and whilst I don't find it quite as wearable as the modern renaissance, its a great neutrals palette and it has some really gorgeous shades. They are just as pigmented and bendable as the modern renaissance palette and I've actually really loved using a combination of both palettes when I'm doing a full glam look.

I'm still in love with the warm tones in both of these palettes, and generally I have found myself having to force myself to reach for something different.


I've never really felt that mascaras make much difference to my lashes, but again and again I come back to this mascara. It is the perfect balance between lengthening and volumising, it doesn't transfer onto my eyelids and it doesn't smudge throughout the day despite not being waterproof (I don't have time for waterproof mascara unless I'm on holiday because its too time consuming to take off).

I want to try the new mascara from the body shop, but I really can't fault the Lancome mascara, in which case why should I try find something new, when this is ticking all the boxes for me.


I've been loving using a pencil to do my brows recently, it feels so much faster and more precise than a brow pomade or powder which is just so much more convenient on a daily basis.

This pencil is the perfect tone for my dark brows, I hate when brow pencils come up warm and sort of orange. And it is really long lasting, I don't even need to use a brow gel to ensure they stay on all day!
Benefit have obviously nailed the brow game recently and I'm glad I have finally got round to trying their new (not very new any more) range.


Coming out of Winter, my lips always get so horrible and chapped with the changing weather. I also find that when I'm working my lips get really dry really quickly. So I tend to leave this lip balm in my work bag to grab whenever I need.

It's a really thick formula which sort of sits on the lips for a while which is great to really soak in and hydrate the lips. The cherry smells really great and kind of lasts a little which makes you smell nice too, and the reddish tint is pretty easy to blend away so I don't mind that too much either.

This is my current go-to whenever I have dry lips, over all my other lip balms (there are many). I would love to try some of the other scents - particularly the new mango scent and the birthday one!


My go-to lip products at the moment are the Huda Beauty lipsticks. Whenever I go on a night out or out for drinks with my friends, I want something on my lips that is going to last all night and that I don't have to top up all the time. These liquid lipsticks last through you drinking and eating and are just super impressive!

I love the Venus shade because its a really nice cool nude shade which I find goes with pretty much any make up look that I do. I really do want to invest in more shades of these lip products, I would definitely like to have a red that I know would last all night!


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