Wednesday, 10 April 2019


So I have never tried anything from Colourpop prior to making this exciting order. I originally made the order following the Zoella X Colourpop launch because I wanted to try the liquid eyeshadows she released, and so I also picked up one of her lip bundles (the nude shade obviously). And then because I was making the order I thought I would get a few other bits to make it more worth the whole shipping from America thing, and so I was less tempted to make another order at some point soon in the future when I realised how great everything was.

Firstly I just want to say that everything from Colourpop came so beautifully packaged, everything is just adorable. Even the box the products were delivered in was gorgeous inside with the Colourpop logo. The packaging, in particular for the Zoella X Colourpop collection is so nicely finished off and really brings the collection together - the brunch theme is super cute. It definitely made me want more from the collection, but even I know when I'm just buying things for the packaging, thats one step too far.

Now, onto the products themselves...


There are 2 eyeshadows, OJ and Bellini. I think you could buy them separately, but I wanted to try them both.

One - Bellini -  is more metalic and coppery, and the other - OG - is slightly more chunky with bits of glitter in it. Both are equally gorgeous and are great liquid eyeshadows but I would say Bellini is a slightly better formula and easier to work with.

I find they look gorgeous on the eyes, but being pretty inexperienced with liquid eyeshadows, I felt that they were quite hard to work with. If you use a brush to blend them out they loose the metallic finish, but if you don't blend them then there is a pretty harsh line where the product has been applied.

Once the shadows have dried on the lid they do look amazing and very metallic which really stands out and looks gorgeous. They are very long lasting and I was very impressed with their staying power. I just need to work on my application skills when it comes to liquid eyeshadow because they are amazing for nights out and full glam looks!

Swatches - BELLINI (top), OG (bottom)


I only picked up this colour because I tend to reach for nudes so much more over pinks and reds. Like most liquid lipsticks it is quite drying on the lips, and being matte it does tend to cling to any dry skin on the lips. But the formula is actually really nice compared to a lot of liquid lipsticks I've tried, and this one is so long lasting it looks great on the lips over a long period of time.

This is very similar to the Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks in the consistency, and the colour is very similar to my favourite Venus liquid lipstick set. I actually think that the Colourpop duo is probably more affordable (minus shipping costs), and I would definitely look into getting more of these lipsticks if I ever decided to do another Colourpop order.


I have heard so much talk about the highlighters from colourpop, but I honestly can't get my head around the texture and consistency of this highlighter. It's bouncy and kind of spongey, it feels like a cream but it's a powder formula. How it works is seriously a mystery to me, and I still feel like I haven't figured out how the best way to apply it is. The pigmentation is unreal when you swatch the highlighter with your finger, but with a brush the glow really doesn't transfer onto the skin. But being a powder highlighter you can't really apply it with your fingers like a cream product? I would love some advice on how to apply this highlighter because I currently feel like it's going to waste.


I picked up this little set of mini lipsticks because I thought they would be so easy for throwing into my handbag and I love that you get 5 different nudes, from pinky nudes to browns.

The lipsticks are actually very matte and cling to any dry patches on the lips. My lips have been super dry recently, mainly due to the horrible cold weather so I think in summer these will be much more useful for me. I really like to add a little in the center of my lips and then blend it out with my fingers. On a day to day basis I don't like to wear a really bold lipstick, or for it to even look like I'm wearing a lip colour, so this is my favourite way to use these lipsticks to just add a little extra dimension to my lips.



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