Sunday, 28 October 2018


I have wanted to try Glossier since they started shipping to the UK. I love the message behind the brand - 'skin first, make up second'. Meaning that if you have a good skincare base then you won't need as much make up on top. I totally agree with this idea and I try to not wear make up for the sake of it, and let my skin breathe as much as possible. For this reason I wanted to try the skincare products rather then make up products (and also the make up seems quite pricey in comparison to the prices of the skincare products).

I also love the little bags the products come in, they are so handy and cute! All the packaging, including the box the products came in fits the brands style, which I just love. It's all very simple which looks beautiful. I love the minimal vibes that come with the brand, I think it looks much more professional too.

The Phase 1 set comes as a little bundle which is great when you want to try new products and also good as you get the products slightly cheaper than buying them all individually. The products also came with a little information card which is really nice if you are new to skincare or are unsure of how to use the products. You also get some cute stickers which the stationary geek inside me loved.

The products are unscented (except the lip balm but I'm pretty sure there is an unscented one) which is really good for sensitive skin, it makes the brand more inclusive for all skin types.


When I used the cleanser the first time, I didn't feel like it had much effect on my face - it look my make up off but I thought that was it. However, once I dried my face I didn't moisturize straight away and my skin soon started to get that very clean, sort of drying feeling. Once I moisturized my skin felt very hydrated again, but it made me realise how effective the cleanser was at properly cleaning my skin. For this reason it may be a little harsh for sensitive skin but I really love it to make sure my face is completely clean and free of make up.

I actually really love how my skin has been looking and feeling since using this cleanser, it feels so clear and even, I have definitely been having fewer break outs and I really think its down to this product.


The moisturizer really shocked me when I first applied it because it really does have no scent at all. This is a really hydrating moisturizer, it locks the moisture in and is still a great base to apply make up on top.

It doesn't have a really sticky feeling and it just soaks in really quickly which is perfect before putting on make up. This really surprised me because its quite a thick moisturizer so I was expecting it to be heavy on the skin.


These lip balms are so hyped up and I actually really love it. They are really hydrating and lock in the moisture for a long time, which is something I actually find quite hard to find in a lip balm.

The scent reminds me of childhood sweets, its very sweet but I like it If I do another order in the future I would like to pick up a lip balm with a lighter scent, maybe the mint one.
Because it is cherry scented there is also a slight rosy tint which isn't my favourite thing but its not super dark or pigmented, I imagine that a lot of the other scents don't have a colour.

The only issue with these lip balms is that they aren't great for on the go, as you have to apply them with your fingers so it isn't super hygienic. I generally prefer a stick lip balm to keep in my bag but this is perfect for doing my make up in the morning.

Overall I really love these products and I think they are totally worth the money. I definitely want to try more products from Glossier and maybe some of their make up too! I would totally recommend the Phase 1 set, and I think it's a great bundle to start out with.

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