Wednesday, 3 October 2018


Now my holiday is over I am officially ready to jump into Autumn and Winter. As someone who is always cold, the dark mornings and cold weather scares me a little, but there are also lots of things I love about these later months in the year - being cosy, the autumn fashion, the run up to christmas.

So here are some things I loves if you are feeling a little apprehensive about the coming months.


One of my favourite things about having changing seasons is the change in fashion. As much as I love Summer, I love being able to layer clothes and wear big coats and black boots. I think Autumn/Winter style is much more flexible and can be made much more personal than Summer dressing, just because you generally have more clothes on every day so there is more to work with!

So I have reached that time of year when I can put away all the Summer dresses and shorts and get out all the coats and Jumpers. I have been doing a bit of shopping but I was so excited to start wearing my topshop aviator jacket from last year, its so fluffy and cosy and I have really needed it for early mornings before work.

Another thing that I have brought out again is this gorgeous roll neck jumper from the brand Pure. It is so soft and cosy and I really want to see what other cashmere pieces they have this year.

I also got some gorgeous fluffy slipper boots from Primark (you dont need to spend lots of money on slippers, they literally never leave your house). These have thick padded soles and are the comfiest things in the whole world. These, along with my dressing gown, kind of make me happy its getting a bit colder.


Along with making my wardrobe super cosy, I also want to make my house warm and cosy too! Things like fluffy blankets, lovely candles and some nice autumnal accessories make everything feel warmer and cosy.

Again, Primark do the best blankets and affordable bedding so if you need a fluffy blanket they are sure to have one in every colour you need.

I also feel like I want to buy as many cute mugs as possible when it starts getting colder, mainly because I survive off hot drinks in the Winter, I have been loving just having hot water and lemon to keep me warm but also detox and help boost my immune system.


There are also a lot of changes in makeup and skin care routines that I love, for example I have so many more baths in the colder months! So get yourself to lush and buy some bath bombs to make your bath time more luxurious and exciting. I also seem to have more time for face masks (probably because I am spending more time in the bath) so there is much more emphasis on taking care of my skin and nourishing it.

I also love the darker lips and changes in makeup that come with autumn! Prepare for the red lips and smoky eyes, particularly the Zoeva cocoa blends palette, its like the epitome of autumnal makeup.


I think when it gets cold and dark we have a habit of stopping our normal routine to cuddle up on the sofa and get cosy. But I think its important to keep up with the routine and don't let the cold win. For example I am determined to keep up with the gym routine and try lots of new gym classes when I am not in the mood to motivate myself.

For some reason I think I bake a lot more in the colder months, maybe because I fancy more sweet treats, or just because its something to do in the darker evenings when you can stay warm! Baking is so much fun and you can do it with friends or family and there are so many themes throughout the end of the year which give you lots of reasons to bake! It also fills the house with gorgeous homey smells which is yummy!

I also tend to read a lot more in Autumn and Winter. I love to get cosy with a book before bed or have a hot drink and sit and read in the morning in my dressing  gown (one of the only good things about shift work).

How do you prepare for the winter months?

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