Wednesday, 5 September 2018


So I am very excited to be starting up my Glossybox subscription again! About 2 years ago I had a 6 month subscription to Glossybox (I have also tried the birchbox subscription) and its something I absolutely love for finding new brands and testing out products. It's also just really fun to get a delivery every month and having no idea whats going to be inside!

This August box was inspired by gay Pride, and I have to say the box itself was amazing! I wasn't expecting the bright colours on the top of the box and the details with the rainbow ribbon too.


I wanted to start by talking about the Rimmel products in this box. Although the bits are nice and fun I can't imagine I will get a lot of use out of them.

The gold tattoos are something I might try a few of before I go on holiday, and I read online that you could use them on different things too, like on notebooks and also on your nails, so I can play around with finding different uses for them which is good. But apart from my holiday, I doubt I will be using them much.

The stamp liner is interesting, when I first looked I thought it was a normal eyeliner, or at least an eyeliner and a stamp, which would have been a lot more functional. The stamp is cool, and very long-lasting too! But apart from fancy dress or for particular make up looks I think this is going to go pretty much unused, which is a real shame!

However these Rimmel products are the only thing in the box that I was not super impressed with, so thats pretty good going. Now for the more positive stuff...


When I first opened the box and looked at this highlighter I was worried that the colour - a coppery looking colour - would be too dark and leave a streak across my cheek. However, its actually a gorgeous sheer coppery toned warm colour which looks gorgeous on the cheeks! It blends so easily and just looks so lovely and natural. You can also use this on the eyes which looks really natural and very pretty!

I've never heard of this brand before which is one of the main things I love about glossy box. I will definitley be looking at what other products they sell!


This is another brand I have not heard of before. I love the little bottle the product comes in, the consistency of the product reminds me of the watercolour blush products you used to be able to get (leave me a comment below if you know what I mean, I can't think of the brand that created them). It has a very thin consistency, and it really does apply to the skin like water. It's so easy to blend out and is very sheer, which is just what I like in a blush.

I do think it would look better on fairer skin tones, and I have a lot of redness in my cheeks anyway, so it doesn't show up really well. It probably wouldn't make much different on people with deeper skin tones and I'm not sure whether they do different shades.

It also gives a bit of rosiness on the lips which is really nice.


This mask is the one thing I haven't tested yet! It looks gorgeous and I'm excited to try it out but I want to save it for a special occasion!

I don't generally go out an buy sheet masks for myself, since you only get one use out of them I would rather spend my money on a mask that I can use lots of times.  But I do love to use them when I get gifted them.


This is an interesting product, the idea is great, and if it was a neutral colour then it would be so easy to use and I would love it. The product is so long-lasting and once its on and has dried down its not moving anywhere! This means it would be great for a night out or for something all day long.

However the deep blue colour (which I actually love, especially having blue eyes) is really hard to work with. When I first applied it to the lid it has a sheer finish so you need to build up the colour. It does blend out with a fluffy brush, but it dries pretty fast and like I said before, once its dry its not going anywhere. So if you are new to makeup you might find this hard to work with (I certainly did) but if you have the time to build it up and blend it out really well then it does look cool. The smokey deep blue colour makes a gorgeous smokey eye, but it can look a bit patchy if its not done properly. 

So in comparison to the boxes I have received in the past, I think this is a great box and I definitely got my money's worth out of it.

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