Sunday, 16 September 2018


I am going to Crete for a week with my boyfriend, and we only have hand luggage to fly with. This means that I can only take a small amount of make up with me, you know, the stuff that fits in a small plastic bag, so I have to be really minimal with what I take with me. I have seen this as a kind of challenge - how much can I fit in? But also a challenge to streamline my makeup to my absolute favourite things.


The Body Shop Skin Defence is an essential on holiday, I don't go anywhere without it! For my base I am taking the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. I wanted something that makes my skin look great but doesn't have loads of coverage or have a heavy feeling on my skin.

I wasn't sure whether to take concealer and powder because I think it makes me look a lot more done up and sometimes makes my make up look and feel quite cakey. I decided to take powder as I think I will be greatful for not looking shiny in all my pictures, I figured it would help my makeup last longer if I do choose to wear it and in the end concealer is pretty small so I threw it in there too.

My Benefit Hoola bronzer is still my fave and it's just the perfect shade for a bit of contour and bronzing at the same time. I also think this is great for my skin now and also if I get a bit of a tan.

I got the Kaledio highlighter in my August glossybox and I am absolutely in love with it. I like that it gives a natural highlight and the bronzey tones are perfect for my holiday! It's also great because I can use it on the eyes for a natural beachy look. This is useful beacuse I am bringing my all matte eyeshadow palette from zoeva, so if I decide I want something shimmery on the eyes I'm also covered.


Again, I want to keep my makeup as easy and simple on holiday. I plan on dying my brows before I go away, this way they should stand out more when I don't have any make up on for beach days and when I have been swimming. Then if I want to tame them I can just use brow gel and keep everything really simple. The Rimmel brow gel isn't the easiest brow gel to use as there is usually a lot of product on the spooly, but the longer you use the product the more dried out it gets and it is easier to work with. I just want to use this up before I get anything new for my brows.

This Zoeva voyager palette is the perfect travel palette because its so tiny! I love all the shades in here and when I am on holiday I think just chucking one simple shade all over the lid will be perfect. My make up isn't my main concern on holiday so the easier the better! I also found out that Zoeva have done a few of there more popular palettes in this voyager style for travelling. It is such a good idea if you travel a lot or want to keep things minimal. They are also kinder on the wallet.

And finally I am taking a mini hypose mascara from Lancome. I always steal these when my mum gets a free gift from Lancome, its one of my favourite mascaras but I have been avoiding buying the full size for over a year because its about £27. The mini is perfect for travelling too!


I am taking a nude lipstick (big shock there) for general everyday use, and I am also taking my red Rimmel liquid lipstick in case I feel like going bold.


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