Wednesday, 19 September 2018


The theme of this months Glossybox is 'Back to School' which is pretty ironic because for the first time ever I'm not going back to School! They haven't really gone all out on the theme, and I can understand why as it would be quite hard to find 6 products that totally work for back to school.


When I first looked at this I just assumed it was a sachet of a charcoal mask that you applied to the skin, but its actually a sheet mask which is really interesting. It is supposed to bubble on your skin whilst you wear it to act like a mini massage and work the product further into your skin. I can't wait to give this a go!


I could smell this as soon as I opened the box! I have never heard of the brand Wild Garden but they are definitely worth checking out! This smells fruity but also floral at the same time, the leaflet describes it as having notes of pear, water lily and warm amber, it honestly smells amazing! Definitely more of a summery scent but I guess it will keep reminding me of Summer and keep me happy going into the colder months. I might put this in my gym bag because its got such a strong scent it will be perfect for after the gym if I'm not heading straight home!


I knew this product was coming as I had seen spoilers online. One thing that glossy box hasn't really nailed is that they don't personalize the boxes to individuals. I know this can be quite difficult but when I had a birchbox subscription they did lots of questionnaires so that products they sent were more suited to my skin tone or hair type. So when I saw this product and even when I opened it and swatched it I was worried it would be too light and warm for my eye brows.

That being said this product actually worked really nicely for me! Because its a lighter colour than I normally go for it looked really natural and much more subtle. I was expecting it to be a similar consistency to brow pomades but its much softer in consistency which made it really easy to apply. The brush that came with the brow cream was pretty rubbish but using a normal brow brush it works really well! Also the packaging of this gets a thumbs up from me!


This was in the shade Rosewood which is a lovely pink colour. The formula is so creamy and easy to use and seems to be really long lasting. I don't tend to wear a lot of pink lipstick but I will definitely reach for this when I do.


This is a really interesting product! Its basically an exfoliator for your scalp that you use before you shampoo and condition your hair.  The idea is that it removed impurities that block roots and so promotes hair growth.

This smells amazing! And my hair rarely holds a smell from shampoo or conditioners, but this really lasted in my hair, you could even smell it the next day. It felt weird to apply a scrub to your head but it was sort of like a head massage once you got past your hair and on to your scalp. You just need to make sure you have washed it out really well before you move on to shampoo and conditioner, otherwise you get bits left over looking like dandruff.

I'm obviously not sure about how well it affects hair growth and the condition of your hair, but I will continue to use it (even if its only to make it smell nice) and I will keep you updated if the results are amazing and I want to repurchase the product.


I think the wipes are a bit random in the beauty box but they are actually very handy to have! I have a bunch of these in my car and sometimes in my handbag, they are just really useful, you never know when you will need an antibacterial wipe.

I generally prefer boxes with more make up products to try out so this box was a little underwhelming. That being said I haven't used anything from any of these brands before so I have definitely been able to try new brands this month which is great.

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