Wednesday, 15 August 2018


So I saw this palette at the weekend in John Lewis and I was very confused as to why I had never seen it before. I'm not sure if its new or just not a big product but I immediately knew I wanted it! It contains 2 Boi-ing concealers (shade 1 and 2), the Hoola bronzer and the Watts up cream highlighter. I justified this purchase because I love the Hoola bronzer and I have hit pan on mine so I was planning on buying a new one at some point soon anyway - why not get a few other products at the same time?

Also the packaging (as with all benefit packaging) is on point! I love the stickers on the front combining all the products together. The pans are pretty big and there's a mirror too which is perfect for travelling, I think I will be taking this on holiday with me! It also came with a handy leaflet explaining how to use each product which I think is really thoughtful. This palette would be great for someone just starting out with makeup as you get to try a few different products. I have always wanted to try the benefit concealer and this was a great way to do it.


So you get 2 of the boi-ing concealers, I was expecting them to be lighter than they are, shade 1 is good for under my eyes but shade 2, which I thought would be good for the rest of my face, is a little dark. The idea is that you can mix the two shades together to make the perfect shade for you. In theory this is a great idea because a range of skin tones can use this palette, but they are a bit awkward to try and mix together properly.

Its quite a thick concealer and it takes a bit of work to blend out, but the effect once its all blended out is really nice with a good amount of coverage. It works well under my eyes without looking cakey, and it covered the spots I had across my chin without loads of product so overall its a pretty good concealer!


There isn't much I need to say about this bronzer, its such a cult product which I have loved for a long time. It's the perfect tone thats not too cool but not too warm, I can use it to contour and bronze in one which makes doing my makeup that little bit easier.


I am really getting into cream products this Summer, I don't know if its the hot weather or just a change in my skin but I have been prefering cream products and not using as much powder as I would normally.

This highlight is very natural looking which I am loving right now. As a cream it just blends into the skin with any other products, it blends really easily which I wasn't expecting, and it doesn't leave a streak or obvious mark where you applied it. I just used my fingers to apply this (and the concealer) which makes this palette one of the easiest products to apply. I'm loving a subtle glow and this is the perfect colour to create that effect.


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