Sunday, 26 August 2018


To me August has been a very long month, there has been a lot of change and it has given me time to settle back into life in Leeds and a full time job! I know this is pretty early for a favourites, but I had stopped the routine of writing blogs and I have recently been getting back into it. The break has left me with loads of ideas that I want to get started on, so here are some things I have been loving in August.


I have been using this concealer for about 2-3 months now, and I hadn't even realised it have been that long until I needed to buy another one this month. It has such good coverage and blends so nicely I just cant fault it! Read my blog post reviewing the foundation and concealer from make up revolution here!


This palette is the smallest palette I have ever seen! Look at the contrast of size between this and the naked 2 palette and you will see. Funnily enough, when I bought this I was expecting it to be a similar size to the over zoeva palettes I own, so you can imagine I was a little confused when the smallest package was posted through my letter box! Despite its small size, I actually really love this palette, and it will be great for travelling too. I love that all the shades are warm toned and matte because I have been loving just chucking a matte shade all over the lid. I particularly love the top middle shade for doing this, but I would happily wear all the shades in this palette so I do think its perfect for me!


This palette goes in and out of use for me, I'm so into my warm toned matte shadows that this is like the opposite end of the spectrum. I have always turned to this palette when I am doing something formal like job interviews or working in offices. So since I have started working full time I have been reaching for this palette so much more. I can wear brighter and bolder looks for work but sometimes its just easy to run the matte crease shade through the crease and then pop a shimmer across the lid. I love YDK and have actually hid pan on this shade in the last few weeks. I also love the lightest shimmer shade called bootycall, this is perfect for the inner corner highlight as it just gives a really gorgeous glow.

These shadows are so long lasting (still there after an 8 hour shift is pretty good), and always blend so nicely over the lid. I think I like using this palette before work because I know I can get my makeup done in less than 10 minutes!


I can't not talk about my car since I got it in July. My car is a fiat 500, in my opinion one of the cutest cars you can find! I love that its so small so you can sneak in small spaces and its just the perfect first car! Also love the gorgeous red colour!

The car was kindof a birthday present so I hope that explains the cheesy photo.


I'm pretty certain I'm not the only one obsessed with love island? I know my friend/housemate is since she bought me this waterbottle for my birthday. There is something I love about having my name on stuff, particularly when I take my bottle to work and end up leaving it lying around, everyone knows its mine. I also like that is has the separate section for putting fruit into it.


I have always loved converse so this is nothing new. I have had many pairs but recently my white ones have been looking a bit worse for wear so I wanted to invest in some new ones. I went for black because I think they will lead me into the winter months quite well and hopefully look cleaner for longer. I don't have much else to say about converse, they are so iconic and always the comfiest shoes!


I have talked about the dupes of Jo Malone candles from Aldi before, but I only recently found out that they now do smaller ones and have extended the range of scents too! I love the pear and freesia scent its so fresh and lovely for Summer. I definitely want to go and pick up more of these sizes!


I have wanted to read this book since I found out that Tom and Giovanna Fletcher were writing it. If you want to know what its about go and watch the trailor on youtube (a very good idea to build up more interest in a book). It's actually a trilogy so there are two more books to come which is exciting, and its definitely something I could see being made into a film in a few years. It's dystopian so set in the future, very much like The Handmaids Tale and 1984 so I think a lot of people would enjoy it. Definitely give it a read if you get the chance!


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