Wednesday, 25 July 2018


I sometimes struggle with having the confidence to wear a red lip, and one tip to really build my confidence is to make sure my lips look as good as possible, so here are my tips on getting the perfect red lip!


A lip scrub isn’t really an essential but it’s a nice addition and I really struggle with dry lips so it does help when they get flaky and horrible. The lush scrubs are the go-to lip scrubs but there are now loads on the market, and some in stick forms which is a lot easier and less messy than this one that comes in a pot. If I am planning on doing a bold lipstick or red lipstick I start with a lip scrub and then apply a lip balm to keep them soft.


Any lip balm really, its important to keep your lips moisturised and soft! I like to put a lip balm on before I start my makeup, to allow it to have time to soak up and soften the lips.

This Zoella lip oil smells amazing and is so moisturing! It’s not at all sticky and it doesn’t leave a thick residue.


I probably should use a lip liner more often than I do. I always forget about lining my lips but it does make applying a lip colour much easier. Whenever I am going to use a bold colour I always try to remember to use a lip liner. My favourite ones are the rimmel ones, they are wind up so you dont have to worry about sharpening them.


Getting a good lipstick is essential to feeling confident in your red lip. Test out lots of different reds, as there are so many different tones to red lipsticks, this one is called Champion, its from topshop and its a very true red. I also love deeper red tones and orangy reds, although I don't think orangy tones suit me as much. Just go into superdrug or boots and test out a few different variations of red lips until you find something you love.


I recently picked up this liquid lipstick. One tip I have is if you are worried about wearing a red lip then go for a liquid lipstick. If you get a good one it wont budge at all and you can basically forget about it. The rimmel ones are fab!

My final tip is to go simple with the rest of your makeup and let the lipstick do the talking. For example when I wear a red lip my favourite makeup is to just do a winged liner and leave everything else pretty plain.

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