Sunday, 17 June 2018


This post goes up while I am in Split on a girls holiday so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to photograph what is going in my makeup bag. Depending on what we are doing the amount of make up I wear varies, but I love getting dressed up in the evenings when its a bit cooler and spending time doing my makeup!
I try to not take too much make up away with me on holiday, particularly a beach holiday somewhere hot. I like to keep the look to a minimum, and only take one of each product (most of the time).

SPF - I'm not going to talk about skincare (we'd be here for weeks), but an SPF is like the bridge between skincare and make up. On holiday or not its really important to protect your skin and use an SPF. My favourite at the moment is The Body Shop Skin Defence which is factor 50 and I will be wearing this everyday!

L'OREAL BONJOUR SUNSHINE PRIMER/BRONZER - I'm not a big user of primers, I often don't see the point of them. But this can be used before foundation to bronze up your skin (which I love because I don't like to get my face in the sun so it is always pale in comparison to my body) or as a liquid bronzer, which is another great use, I love using cream products when I'm on holiday, I think powders can get a bit cakey in the heat, creams just blend together nicely.

MAKEUP REVOLUTION FOUNDATION STICK - this is not a big shock, I love this foundation. And the packaging and cream formula makes it so easy to travel with, no smashed bottles or leaks. I like that you can sort of control the coverage; either just apply a small amount and blend out, or apply quite a bit to build up the coverage.

MAKEUP REVOLUTION CONCEALER - not really a surprise again, I am just loving make up revolution and their base products. Check out this blog post to see more in-depth thoughts about these base products.

RIMMEL STAY MATTE POWDER - Like I said with the heat, a powder is a must for me if I want any actual nice photos from the holiday. I like my Rimmel powder because its easy and cheap and I won't be devastated if it breaks on the way there (which is quite a common occurrence). It takes away shine without making me look super flat and its just one of those basics I always know I can rely on.

KIKO BRONZER - I'm taking this bronzer mainly because it has the biggest mirror and you never know when you are travelling if there will be a good spot to do your make up! The bronzer itself is lovely, its not one I reach for that often because its quite orangey and warm toned, but thats why I think it is so perfect for holidays! It also smells amazing!

ZOEVA HIGHLIGHTER PALETTE - Highlighter is something I don't like to skimp on when I'm on holiday, and I like to have my options. Also the eyeshadow palette I'm taking doesn't have the best inner corner highlight so you could kind of say its multi-purpose (I just need to convice myself).

REVOLUTION PRO EYESHADOW PALETTE - this was probably the hardest decision, I want to take a palette that isn't massive or really expensive, in case it breaks, but I don't want to take a quad of 4 shadows because I don't think that will be enough to mix and match all week. I settled for the revolution pro regeneration palette in 'goldmine' because its been my go-to for the past few weeks, it's really versatile, and I know I can do an all matte look in the day and a super glam look in the evening with this.

L'OREAL PARADISE MASCARA - I think the name of this mascara makes it very fitting for its job! I opted for the waterproof version because who knows when I will end up going for a swim, also with the heat and everything sometimes its just a bit safer to go for waterproof. I love this mascara anyway, so it was the perfect choice.

EYEBROWS - for my brows I wanted something that wouldn't melt off in the heat, or anything that looks too heavy, so I've gone for the revolution brow pomade, this is pretty long-lasting, and I wont really be needing a lot in my brows anyway so this is just a handy option.

LIPS - so I of course have to take a nude, I also wanted to take a bright lip product and a red, so I have 3 options. NYX lip cream in 'Stockholm' for my nude, and 'Ibiza' for my bright (the formula is so long-lasting and I think it has great staying power). And then I have also decided to take my topship lipstick in 'Champion' and a red Rimmel lip liner to match. I can't wear a red lip without a lip liner so this was an essential.

SETTING SPRAY - I wanted to take my barry M setting spray to keep my make up lasting as long as possible.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, let me know if you have any holiday essentials you always take!

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