Wednesday, 20 June 2018



Straw bags are so in this Summer, and I have been so tempted by them. I'm thinking about picking one up from Primark, they have quite a few and I don't want to spend a lot of money on something I can only use for a few months in the year.

I have also seen a few from asos that I like the look of.

Links: Pompom beach bagCactus beach bagStar beach bag

I bought my straw bag from asos. Whilst I love the shape and style, with the contrasting dark strap, it is definitely not the best quality bag I own. It was the perfect size for holiday, as I could fit my phone, purse, disposable camera, sunglasses, my body shop spf and a lip product inside. But the zip opening was a bit awkward and everything has to be packed inside in a specific way to get everything to fit.

Another option rather than buying a straw beach bag is to use a canvas bag. I did this on my recent holiday to Split. I wasnt sure how much we would be on the beach, so I didn't want to take a big bag only to use it once. Canvas bags are so easy to pack as they dont take up any space, and you probably have a lot of them lying about.




Every time I go on holiday I refuse to take a hat with me, and then as soon as I get in the sun I decide I need a hat and go and buy one. This has led to me having a rather extensive straw hat collection that rarely ever gets worn. While I was in Split I bought a straw floppy hat which I adore! They are very much in fashion now and I love that they keep my face and shoulders out of the sun. Asos do a very similar hat (link here).


Something to do is essential on the beach, I love reading so I always make sure I have enough books to get me through a holiday. Alternatively listening to music or a podcast can be equally relaxing at the beach!

If you are struggling with inspiration when it comes to books, check out my recent blog post about holiday reading!

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