Wednesday, 27 June 2018


I like to try and keep my skincare relatively simple on holiday, and since being back from my holiday I have been keeping up the same routine. I find that on holiday I eat more sugar and drink more fizzy drinks and alcohol than I do in my normal routine, and so this can have a big impact on my skin. These are some updated bits to my skincare routine that I have really been loving over the past month.

I have been loving the Formula 10.0.6 cleanser and toner in one, it makes taking of make up really easy and quick and I feel like its really doing something on my skin. My face always feels so clean, to the point at which I think some people with sensitive skin might struggle with this.

Because I wanted to use the Formula 10.0.6 cleanser I also needed a eye-makeup remover. I got a mini of the Simple eye make up remover, I wanted something with no chemicals or scent as I have had problems with other eye makeup removers being too strong on my sensitive eyes. This one did the job and removed all my eye make up whilst not being too harsh on my eyes.

I have also been loving the nip and fab (glycolic acid pads). I tend to use one of these in the morning, it really refreshes and brightens the skin! I actually bought the mini version and used them up on holiday so I need to grab some more asap! They remove anything left on the skin and all the dirt and oils you want gone!

Another thing I have just finished up using is the Nivea night cream. This is super thick and SO hydrating and I love applying it after a day where I've been in the sun a lot to really nourish my skin. But on holiday I used the L'oreal hydra genius moisturiser. Although it doesn't have SPF in it I like using the body shop skin defence on top of whatever moisturiser I use so it isn't really a problem for me. The hydra genius moisturiser smells amazing and is super light on the skin, absorbing almost instantly.

These are the main bits of skincare I have been using non-stop over the past month and while I was on holiday.

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