Friday, 13 April 2018


Make up obsession is a brand I hadn't really heard of, I had seen this palette on instagram and didn't really know where it was from. But whilst I was looking through the new revolution pro website I realised that makeup obsession was a brand within revolution (I'm not really sure whats what with all the changes in revolution pro.

I'm such a sucker for packaging but the marble tin really sold this product to me online. And I can tell you the product inside did not let me down. It's honestly the most grammable piece of make up I have ever owned, and I've owned a LOT of make up. The packaging is metal and pretty solid, the inside feels a little flimsy but it's not surprising for the price (only £12). There is a mirror inside but its a bit warped so I don't really see the point, you can do your highlighter with it but it's not really good enough for doing eyeshadow or anything detailed.

You get 8 shades inside ranging from white, champagne and gold, to more deeper copper shades. There are a two shades I won't be able to wear as they are deep but I think they will make good eyeshadows. I think this palette would be really good for people with darker skin tones, the coppery and gold shades are just gorgeous.

On first application I thought the highlighters were a bit powdery, but I tend to go for quite a big brush and I think using a slightly smaller brush for highlighter works much better.

That being said, the pigmentation and shine of these highlighters is GORGEOUS! They are so reflective and just POP in the light. I was just so impressed with the quality considering the palette is only £12. If you are into your highlighters as much as I am then this is something you should seriously check out.



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