Sunday, 15 April 2018


Formula 10.0.6 is a brand I hadn't heard or seen of until I found it on asos. It looks like a really fun and inventive brand that specializes in skincare and so I was super intrigued to try it.

Formula 10.0.6 was created in 1933 which is a lot longer than I expected! It had a revamp into new vibrant packaging (which it uses now) in 2008. I think the packaging is something that really attracted me to the brand. I love the bright colours and the writing across the packaging.

I bought these products from asos, but you can also get formula 10.0.6 on beautybay and in boots, depending on your shopping preference.

I've been noticing that my pores are particularly bad so I was hoping that some of these products would help reduce the size and number of pores I have across and around my nose.


This is in the original scent/formula and whilst it smells nice, it also smells kind of chemically and when I applied it to my face the smell was very strong and quite overpowering. This is something to keep in mind if you have quite sensitive skin, it's probably not for you.

It is supposed to remove dirt, impurities and oil to clear pores and refresh skin. Supposed to protect against breakouts. It appears to work similarly to a micellar water, it left my skin feeling clean and refreshed. My skin has been pretty bad recently, and over the few weeks I have been using it my skin has shown a real improvement in terms of spots and blemishes, and it also feels smoother at the end of my skincare routine. I like that is is a 2 in 1 cleanser and toner which really speeds up my skincare routine.


The zinc and oat formula smells more fruity than I was expecting, I really liked the smell but again, it is quite overpowering if you have sensitive skin. This formula purifies the skin leaving it smooth and clear. It contains pumice to buff away dead skin cells, oatmeal that draws out impurities and zinc which controls oil to stop excess shine.

My skin felt really soft after using this and I have a couple of blemishes and spots at the moment and my face looked smoother and more even after using this. The face scrub is effective at leaving the skin feeling clean without being too harsh on the skin.


The papaya and citrus scent is really fruity and sweet. The mask is supposed to boost radiance, revitalize tired skin, removed dead skin cells and unblock pores. Papaya helps to resurface the skin and citrus brightens the skin.

I really like this mask! It sets completely so you can peel it off. It did peel off really well, the instructions say leave it for 10-15 minutes but I get impatient and as soon as I can peel a bit off I get carried away. It hadn't completely dried on my cheeks so the smaller bits that get left are quite hard to get off.

As long as you get the thickness right and leave the mask long enough then its really easy and enjoyable. It smells amazing, very fruity! And my skin felt super soft and clean after I had taken it off and I do feel like my pores are less noticable after using it.

Overall, I really like the brand. The products seem very effective and I am definitely interested in trying more of the products, the range is huge so there is definitely something for everyone! I would quite like to try the detoxifying mud masks and some of the other scents they have. Let me know if you have tried Formula 10.0.6!

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