Wednesday, 4 April 2018


 March has been such a busy month for me!

March started off with some awful weather! But I still managed to make it back to Leeds to a weekend at home which was so lovely. Along with all the stress of travelling in the snow I managed to see lots of people I hadn’t seen since January. This term was probably the longest time I had spent in Liverpool without visiting home so it was a well needed break!

I also got my exam results back this month and fortunately everything is going to plan so far, and I’m super happy with my grades. 

Easter is early this year which means I have gotten to spend more time at home. I also had a few days in the Lake District with my friends which was really nice!

Here are some favourites of the month, I have quite a lot of random bits this month too.


This is a new product this month and I have quite a few shades. My favourite is 610 'stripped down', its the perfect nude it's a slightly deeper shade than my natural lip colour. The formula is matte and it does dry down, but it doesn't feel really dry on the lips. 

I’m not sure how I feel about the sponge applicator as it makes it harder to be precise and I can’t imagine it’s super hygienic. However I much prefer to have a lip colour that looks more natural in the day time so the sponge means you can blend the product into the lips a bit more. I guess it’s just not a product you can let your friends borrow!  

Look out for a purple lip make up look soon on my blog!


I don’t really think there is any need to buy a really expensive face powder. The idea is that you can’t see it anyway and they pretty much all look the same. I find when people are talking about their make up looking ‘cakey’ its usually the products underneath that have caused this.

This rimmel powder is one I have used for years. I have tried a few others and I have dabbled a bit with loose powder but it’s just too messy, I don’t understand how people use it without inhaling half the powder anyway.

It is a translucent powder (although they do shades with a bit more coverage and colour if you prefer), and it does the job to my standards. I get quite shiny throughout the day and this makes me look matte without making my skin look dull and flat.


I only bought this in March but as soon as I tried it I was hooked, literally. It’s a lengthening and curling mascara that adds loads of definition and separation to your lashes.

It has a curled brush to really hook into your lashes and them curl them and coat them to the ends.
I much prefer a lengthening and defining mascara to a volumising one and this is just the perfect mascara for that. 

It is top coat mascara and you can buy a matching priming mascara but I like to keep it simple and just use the one.


Soap & Glory do some of the best brow products. I love the brow archery pencil but this brow bar has been my favourite for a long time! Sometimes I think brow products run out really fast, I mean you are using them every day, but I have has this for ages and its still going strong.

I used the wax but I wasn't overly impressed, I prefer an eyebrow gel, and the cream highlighter isn't particularly good. But the brow powders are amazing! There is a blonde shade and a deep brown shade, I sometimes mix them together for a more natural look, or just go all in the the deep brown. They look really natural when you apply them and they are so easy to use.


I won't go on about this because I have recently done a blog post reviewing this. But since testing it out its been my go-to for taking off my make-up.


This was a Christmas gift that I haven't really reach for much until now. It's such a grown up scent and I think it is perfect for moving into Spring. I'm not good at describing scents but if you can go into a Jo Malone shop and try out some of their scents, there are so many you will be sure to find something you like. 


I’ve wanted a circle bag since last Summer when they first came into fashion. I saw a really nice red one in Zara but typical zara, I could never find the bag again. So when I saw this one in Topshop I knew I had to have it.

It comes in red, nude and black, but I decided to go for the red because I don’t really wear a lot of colour, and I thought with an all black outfit it looks pretty cool. I also think it will be perfect for Spring and Summer so get ready to see a lot more of this bag.

It’s a really good sized bag for a round bag, I can’t fit my big purse inside but it has a card holder one the side which is perfect since I tend to use my card most of the time anyway and it’ nice to know they are secure inside. Any smaller purses would fit in here too. It also zips up so you know nothing is going to fall out.

It has a studded side and a plain size to you can wear it either way depending on the look you are going for. I also like that you can remove the long strap and just use the small handles, it looks so quirky and cute that way.


These leggings are so comfy and stretchy, they have a really thick, strong elastic waistband so you know they won’t fall down or move while you’re at the gym. The material is really thick so I feel comfortable doing squats and deadlifts in them.
I would definitely recommend looking at the website of some of the things they do, it’s all about empowering women and supporting each other. 


I love getting new recipe books and finding new things to try when it comes to the kitchen. And this book was on offer on amazon so I thought I would treat myself.

I have done a few posts using recipes from this book and I’m sure there will be a lot more to come. I’ve posted about the veggie burgers which were delicious and so handy as I made four and they lasted me all week, and the rocky road was actually amazing I already want to make more! I’m trying to be more adventurous and try to make more meals from natural ingredients instead of buying ready-made sauces and veggie burgers for example. 

I really like how everything is made from fresh ingredients and isn’t too complicated to make. Also it’s quite easy to change up a few ingredients if there’s something you don’t have, which is usually the case for me.


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