Sunday, 24 May 2020


I put soap brows on my May Wishlist and it didn't take long for them to move from my Wishlist to my online basket. I originally saw the soap brows products on beauty bay but I decided to look at their own website and I'm so glad I did! The company is based locally so it feels great to be supporting businesses that are close by.

I ended up getting a bundle with the brow soap, facial mist and a brow booster in a package deal with the wooden spoolies too. All the packaging of the parcel was recyclable and it actually came the day after I ordered it, with no extra costs so I was really impressed before I even opened the box.

The brow soap comes in a little tin and is a clear soap. I have seen people do the same trick with soap before but the tin and the face mist make it a cute little set which is pretty handy to use. I can obviously see the appeal of being able to whip out a handy little brow gel in a tube but this will last a lot longer and I don't find that those gels actually keep my brow hairs in place, and I go through a tube every few months which is a lot of packaging going into landfill and I can tell this is going to last me a very long time.

To use the product all you do is spray the mist into the soap and use a wooden spoolie to rub in the soap and brush through the eyebrows. The product goes on top of any other product you use (I mix up between using a powder and a brow pencil) but the soap doesn't move the products around at all. My eyebrows actually stay in place when I use this, they feel more set in place to touch but not in a bad way like with some brow gels.

There were a few different mist scents but I'm a sucker for anything watermelon scented and I didn't fancy having peppermint scented eyebrows. I think you could use any facial mist (maybe even a setting spray for extra strength) but I'm not sure how it would effect the soap over time. 

I also decided to get the brow boost product because, despite already having pretty thick brows, I find them quite sparse in a few places and they seemed to have stopped growing recently, so I thought this might give them the little boost they need. You are supposed to rub the product into your brow hairs twice a day, I definitely did this at least once a day if I didn't remember. 

I only got this set at the start of the month so I need much longer to see any effects from this. It's a really easy step to add into your routine and if it boosts that growth at all I think its worth it! 



  1. I've been using brow gels for the longest time, and I'm pretty curious about how the soap brow works. The brow boost looks like a great product to try too!

  2. I'm so used to using brow gels I really love using something else instead! And I really do think the brow boost is making a different to the front of my brows where I think its a little sparse!

  3. I've never seen a product like this - so interesting!
    Sarah x