Wednesday, 29 April 2020


I have slowly been re-decorating my bedroom and updating the furniture. The last thing I needed to address was my dressing table which I had had for about 7 years.
I have gone for a more natural look in my bedroom and found a really simple wooden dresser which has one draw and a small shelf. I was surprised with how much storage space there is inside.

The dressing table is from which I found through instagram - finding this wooden style desk was actually quite difficult so I'm glad I managed to find one that wasn't crazily expensive.
The website specialises in furniture for small spaces so would be great for flats or small bedrooms, and I love the minimalist vibe of everything they sell! The dresser came in less than a week which I wasn't expecting and was so easy to assemble I just had to screw the legs into place!

I store my make up brushes and beauty tools in these old candle pots which I cleaned up. The larger ones are the Aldi candles which are super cheap and amazing candles, they are dupes for the Jo Malone scents and are less than £5 each, which is even better when you have other uses for them afterwards!

I then store my favourite lip balms and lip products in this glass box. I bought this from originally for my jewellery, but found that it was too big for that and makes a great lip product storage. It even has my initials engraved on top, I will definitely keep this for a long time as its a really special and pretty storage box.

I have then got a pot for longer products like lip liners and a few lip glosses in which are easy to reach for and look quite pretty.

For my palettes I found this copper stand in ASDA. I bought this when I was at university and had barely any make up storage. It's actually a book stand but it's the perfect size for a few make up palettes and the copper is a common theme throughout all my make up storage.

Inside the drawer I have used my glossybox boxes to organise my make up. I have all my face products inside the drawer. In one box I have cream and liquid products such as foundations, concealers and liquid/cream blushes and highlights, and in the other I have all my powder products like bronzer, highlight and blush. I like to separate them in this way as I try to use liquid products first before using any powders.

On the shelf I have a larger box which luckily fits perfectly with the depth of the desk, and I have all my other eyeshadows and brow products in here to reach whenever I need.  There is some extra space on the shelf in case I decide I want to add anything else in here.

Now I just need to find a mirror to match and my bedroom will be complete!


  1. I love that eyeshadow stand, I currently just have mine all stacked on top of each other in a drawer. Love how big your brush holder is too, mine seems to be almost full up, I need to get a bigger one! x

    🌿 Marissa Belle × 🌿

  2. Thanks so much! Its so cute and so simple which is why I love it! Yeah I had to separate my brushes into one pot for face brushes and one for eyeshadow brushes as I just have too many!

  3. Looks lovely! Love the idea of storing your brushes in old candle pots, really unique and looks great. Love the actual table too, I've been looking for one for aages but they always seem to be way too expensive for me. I'll definitely have to check urbansize out x

    1. Thanks so much i think its a great way to use the jars, they are way too nice to throw away! Yeah I was the same I didn't want to spend loads of money on a dressing table so defo check them out!