Sunday, 19 April 2020


Macaroons are something I attempted to make a while ago, failed, and never went back to. But since I have been baking a lot and been stuck in the house I thought now would be a good chance to perfect these delicious treats once and for all.

Another great thing about macaroons is that they don't need flour!


For the macaroons:
110g icing sugar
50g ground almonds
15g cocoa powder
2 egg whites (should make 60g)
40g caster sugar

For the ganache:
100ml double cream
100g dark chocolate


1. First thing to do is measure out the ground almonds, icing sugar and cocoa powder and put them into a food processor to make the mixture as finely ground as possible - this is a great tip which I haven't done in the past and it really makes a difference with the overall texture of the macaroons.

2. Next up, whisk the egg whites until foamy, and then gradually add the caster sugar while continuing to whisk until you get stiff peaks and the meringue mix is nice and glossy.

3. You then need to sift the icing sugar and almond mix into the egg white mixture and fold in with a metal spoon. I did this gradually added a third at a time. The mixture should resemble a lava consistency once all the icing sugar and almond mixture is combined.

4. Then you just need to put the mixture into a piping bag and pipe £2 size circles of the mixture. A great tip would be to draw circles onto the baking paper before you start piping, this will ensure that all the macaroons come out the same size and look much more professional.

5. The macaroons need to be left out to settle and get a film over them to give them the nice sheen and crispy top that we want. If you get some points on top of the macaroons from piping, take a damp finger and pat the top of the macaroons to smooth them over (a damp finger will stop them from sticking).

6. Turn the oven ono 170 degrees and leave the macaroons to settle for 20 minutes.

7. Place the macaroons on the bottom shelf in the oven for 10 minutes. The time may vary slightly depending on your oven so keep an eye on them. When they come out of the oven leave them on the tray to cool - in my experience, if you try and move them while they are warm they stick to the baking paper and its very messy, they peel off much easier when completely cooled!

8. While the macaroons are baking/cooling you can get on with the filling. I decided to make chocolate ganache which is really sweet and compliments the macaroons. Over a pan of simmering water, melt together the double cream and chocolate and mix often to combine. Once everything is melted and smooth take off the heat and leave to cool. I put mine in the fridge to firm up a bit before putting in the macaroons.

9. Once the macaroons and completely cool, and the ganache is nice and thick, spread a teaspoon of ganache on one macaroon and sandwich together (you could pipe the ganache to give a really professional finish).

I'm definitely going to experiment with some different flavours and maybe even colours! A great thing about this recipe is that the qualities are quite small which really lends itself to some experimentation. If I was making them for a special occasion or for someone in particular I would probably double the quantities.



  1. They look amazing, I wonder if I could make a keto version

    Unwanted Life

  2. Glad they don't need flour because I can't find flour ANYWHERE at the moment haha! These look amazing - I love macaroons, especially chocolate ones!


  3. Great post! These look so nice and I definitely want to make these!

  4. Iv'e never actually have macaroons before believe it or not! But these look amazing!

    Amber - The Unpredicted page