Sunday, 3 March 2019


So Soap & Glory have recently brought out a brand new range of hair products to add to their amazing bath and body products. I have tried their older shampoo and conditioners before but wasn't overly impressed enough to repurchase them. The new range has loads of new products, and the general theme seems to be based on soothing and nourishing your hair. They also have some toning products which I am definitely interested in trying soon.

The packaging and style of the products is, of course, amazing with the classic pink packaging and classic Soap & Glory designs and all the products smell delightful.


My hair is naturally curly and very frizzy, so smoothing products are definitley something I am interested in trying. This shampoo and conditioner are actually really nice. I'm not sure they beat my coveted L'oreal elvive dream lengths products (review here), but they do make my hair feel very smooth and definitely less frizzy.

Both the shampoo and conditioner are quite thick, and feel quite sticky. The first time I used them I didn't wash out the conditioner well enough and my hair felt very greasy very quickly. I have to say I do like the way my hair looks after using these products, but I'm not sure I would repurchase them, my hair seems to appear greasy quite quickly after using this set. I would really like to try the purple shampoo as I have only heard good things about it!


My hair is always in need of some extra nourishment and I love using hair masks when my hair is feeling dry and dull. I tend to use a hair mask once a week if I get the time, so I am always looking for new masks to try.

This conditioner has the classic soap and glory scent which is just amazing, and I think this is my favourite product in the range. I just love pampering myself with a hair mask, I usually use them when I'm in the bath so I can leave them on as long as possible. This left my hair feeling super soft and nourished and I love the long lasting scent with these products!


You use this spray on damp hair to smooth and condition. I'm not sure it has a huge impact on my hair but it smells so good and leaves a nice scent in your hair which lasts. I have to say my hair seems to be less frizzy when I have sprayed this through it, and I like the effect it has.


I generally just stick to the batiste dry shampoo since its so cheap and easy, so its nice to try other products and see how they compare. The soap and glory dry shampoo doesn't have as much of a white cast like the batiste dry shampoo but it isnt as dry - I found it harder to work into my hair, but it has the same effect once its worked through the hair. It also has a really lovely smell, like everything soap and glory produce which is just amazing.

After using this a few times, I realised how much I love the batiste dry shampoo; it works so quickly and I don't find it takes a lot of time to work into my hair. And I can reach for it any time I want. The soap and glory dry shampoo is trickier to use and so I don't reach for it as much when I just want to sort my hair out quickly without having to wash it, so I probably wouldn't repurchase.


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