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I just happened to walk through ASDA and these products caught my eye, I knew I could recognise the brand, but I couldnt think where from (google has now informed me that its the fun flavoured body products that I quite like). The packagaing is so different to those body products, its quite minimal and spa-like. I think thats what really attracted me to the products in the first place. The products themselves and packaged completely in white which I just adore.

I also like that they are labelled with 'step 1' and 'step 2' to help anyone out if they are new to skincare. There is more to the range and they also do 'step 3' which is moisturiser, but I have plenty of moisturiser at the moment so I thought I would hold back a little from my spending spree.

That being said both of these products were only £5 each! Which is pretty good to me! Also being available in ASDA means they are easy to find and accessible to most people.

The products themselves smell amazing! They smell the same, its a very minty and fresh smell, very spa-like and also quite herbal. I'm not great at describing smells and these seem to have quite a lot going on, it is really nice though, nothing too overpowering.

I also love that these products are completely cruelty free, and  made in the UK. The mask has the label that it is vegan on it, whilst the cleanser does not. They are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


I really like this cleanser, it does have quite a herbal, minty smell which I quite like, but I imagine it could be quite over powering if you didn't. 

The product inside is quite a thick cream, I love that it comes in a pump too! The whole thing is very similar to the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and while it is nice, it's not quite as cleansing as the Liz Earle one. 

I does take my make up off, I tend to take my eye make up off before cleansing my face so I can't comment on that for people who want one step to do a complete cleanse. I think this is a really nice first cleanse if you are going to do 2 cleanses, and I also use in on no-makeup days just to refresh my skin in the evening. 

For the price I think its a really nice cleanser. It also comes with a muslin cloth which is fab, particularly when you are only paying £5.


So I absolutely love this mask! I wasn't sure when I first applied it because it felt very tingly and weird across my cheeks, but I think this was just due to it tightening as it dries. Since the first use I have focused the mask more on my chin, nose, around my nose and forehead, which are my main problem areas when it comes to pores.

The mask was really easy to apply, its quite a thin formula which I thought was unusual but actually worked really well. It dried down relatively quickly and was actually quite easy to wash off. I hate masks that dry completely and then you can't wash them off unless you scrub your face for 10 minutes straight.

Once the mask is off my skin I could notice straight away there was a difference. My skin looks much brighter and clearer, I would say you can already see a difference in my pores. There were a few bits across my nose which looked like they had come out of my pores, which is a bit gross but its quite nice to know the mask has done something. The morning after using this mask I would definitely say my skin looks smoother with smaller pores that were much less noticeable.

I basically love this mask and for £5 think you should go buy it RIGHT NOW. This is a mask that I actually use on a regular basis - like more than once a week - which really shows that I think it actually has an effect on my skin!


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