Wednesday, 6 June 2018


Since its coming up to the Summer months, I've been starting to fake tan. Now, I'm pretty new to fake tan (if you ignore the use awful attempts when I was about 15). I could never get it right and always ended up streaky and more orange that intended so I swore off tan and had never tried it since, until now. There are so many more options than there used to be which seem to be getting better and better. So I thought it was about time I tried again!

I've been using the L'oreal overnight elixir and I have to say I'm very impressed. It says it lasts up to to weeks and while I tend to apply quite a thin layer I wouldn't say it lasts this long, I think 2 weeks is a bit of an exaggeration unless you plan to not shower for 2 weeks. But if I can tan once a week and have the colour fade nicely (which is does) then I am happy!

The formula is great because it has a tint so that you can see where it has been applied and ensure that it is blended out fully. It blends out really easily too. You can apply a really thin layer to get a slight bit of colour, or apply a thicker layer to get a super full tan. It also soaks into your skin so fast! Like if you do one leg, by the time you have done the other leg the first leg is completely dry with no transfer to bed sheets or clothing, its actually amazing!

You can also use this on your face which makes it much easier to tan all over. It is designed so it is not drying on the skin so you don't have to worry about it sticking to dry patches or anything.

There is no filter on either of these photos, the lighting is just different because they were taken at different times of day. The second photo is with a really light layer of the L'oreal bronze elixir overnight tan. 

Step-by-step guide:

So I like to shower before tanning, I wouldn't recommend shaving you legs and then tanning straight away, or you end up with loads of spots where the hair follicles are, so I try to shave them the day before I tan, that or I just don't bother. And I like to exfoliate to make sure my skin is smooth, focusing mainly on my knees and elbows, I also like to exfoliate my chest and shoulders to make sure everything is super smooth, this is an area that can go patchy quite easily and it tends to be on show quite a lot.

After the shower I like to use the soap and glory body lotion all over. I think its important to use a body lotion with a good smell to try to counteract the biscuit smell. This body lotion soaks in pretty fast. I then go over my knees, ankles, elbows and wrists with the soap and glory body butter. This is much thicker and adds more hydration to those bits that really need it, but I don't like to use it all over because it takes ages to soak in.

I would recommend getting a mitt to apply the fake tan. It doesn't have to be expensive you can get them from Primark or most supermarkets pretty cheap! It just blends in the tan more and is faster which is good for a non-streaky application. It also saves getting your hands messy which is always a nightmare if you dont wash it off properly. I like to take my time and make sure everything is blended in on on limb at a time before I move on to the next.

After washing the tan off the next day, or following whatever the instructions tell you, I like to go back in and moisturise with the soap and glory body lotion, just to keep everything hydrated and looking super glowy. I also like to do this because most of the biscuit smell has gone by this point, but this masks any that is left behind. Keeping moisturised will prolong the tan and make it fade more gradually and evenly.

And that's all there is to it - except take as many photos as possible looking like a Summer goddess!


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